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Utilitaires de visualisation d'images sur mingan


Quick Image Viewer est un utilitaire permettant de visualiser et de manipuler plusieurs types d'images matricielles ou vectorielles:

  • .pjpeg
  • .ppm
  • .pnm
  • .pgm
  • .pbm
  • .pcx
  • .bmp
  • .eim
  • .ico
  • .wmf
  • .svg

qiv est installé sur le nœud de connexion de la grappe mingan (

Pour obtenir de l'information sur son utilisation:

qiv --help
qiv (Quick Image Viewer) v2.2.3
Usage: qiv [options] files ...

General options:
   --file, -F x           Read file names from text file x or stdin
   --bg_color, -o x       Set root background color to x
   --brightness, -b x     Set brightness to x (-32..32)
   --browse, -B           Scan directory of file for browsing
   --center, -e           Disable window centering
   --contrast, -c x       Set contrast to x (-32..32)
   --display x            Open qiv window on display x
   --do_grab, -a          Grab the pointer in windowed mode
   --disable_grab, -G     Disable pointer/kbd grab in fullscreen mode
   --fixed_width, -w x    Window with fixed width x
   --fixed_zoom, -W x     Window with fixed zoom factor (percentage x)
   --fullscreen, -f       Use fullscreen window on start-up
   --gamma, -g x          Set gamma to x (-32..32)
   --help, -h             This help screen
   --ignore_path_sort, -P Sort filenames by the name only
   --readonly, -R         Disable the deletion feature
   --maxpect, -m          Zoom to screen size and preserve aspect ratio
   --merged_case_sort, -M Sort filenames with AaBbCc... alpha order
   --no_filter, -n        Do not filter images by extension
   --no_statusbar, -i     Disable statusbar
   --statusbar, -I        Enable statusbar
   --no_sort, -D          Do not apply any sorting to the list of files
   --numeric_sort, -N     Sort filenames with numbers intuitively
   --root, -x             Set centered desktop background and exit
   --root_t, -y           Set tiled desktop background and exit
   --root_s, -z           Set stretched desktop background and exit
   --scale_down, -t       Shrink image(s) larger than the screen to fit
   --transparency, -p     Enable transparency for transparent images
   --watch, -T            Reload the image if it has changed on disk
   --recursivedir, -u     Recursively include all files
   --select_dir, -A x     Store the selected files in dir x (default is .qiv-select)
   --autorotate, -l       Autorotate JPEGs according to EXIF rotation tag
   --rotate, -q x         Rotate 90(x=1),180(x=2),270(x=3) degrees clockwise
   --xineramascreen, -X x Use screen x as preferred Xinerama screen
   --version, -v          Print version information and exit

Slideshow options:
This can also be used for the desktop background (x/y/z)
   --slide, -s            Start slideshow immediately
   --random, -r           Random order
   --shuffle, -S          Shuffled order
   --delay, -d x          Wait x seconds between images [default=3]

   space/left mouse/wheel down      next picture
   backspace/right mouse/wheel up   previous picture
   PgDn                             5 pictures forward
   PgUp                             5 pictures backward
   q/ESC/middle mouse               exit
   0-9                  Run 'qiv-command <key> <current-img>'
   ^<string><return>    Run 'qiv-command ^<string> <current-img>'
   ?/F1                 show keys (in fullscreen mode)
   F11/F12              in/decrease slideshow delay (1 second)
   a/A                  copy current image to .qiv-select
   d/D/del              move picture to .qiv-trash
   u                    undelete the previously trashed image
   +/=/wheel r/btn fwd  zoom in (10%)
   -/wheel l/btn back   zoom out (10%)
   e                    center mode on/off
   f                    fullscreen mode on/off
   m                    scale to screen size on/off
   t                    scale down on/off
   X                    cycle through xinerama screens
   s                    slide show on/off
   p                    transparency on/off
   r                    random order on/off
   b                    - brightness
   B                    + brightness
   c                    - contrast
   C                    + contrast
   g                    - gamma
   G                    + gamma
   o                    reset brightness, contrast, gamma
   h                    flip horizontal
   v                    flip vertical
   k                    rotate right
   l                    rotate left
   jtx<return>          jump to image number x
   jfx<return>          jump forward x images
   jbx<return>          jump backward x images
   enter/return         reset zoom, rotation and color settings
   i                    statusbar on/off
   I                    iconify window
   w                    watch file on/off
   x                    center image on background
   y                    tile image on background
   z                    stretch image on background
   <                    turn on/off magnifying window
   arrow keys                 move image (in fullscreen mode)
   arrow keys+Shift           move image faster (in fullscreen mode)
   NumPad-arrow keys+NumLock  move image faster (in fullscreen mode)

Valid image extensions:
Use --no_filter/-n to disable
   .jpg .jpeg .jpe .gif .tif .tiff .xpm .png
   .pjpeg .ppm .pnm .pgm .pbm .pcx .bmp .eim
   .ico .wmf .svg

Please mail bug reports and comments to Andy Spiegl <>


display est un utilitaire de visualisation et de transformation d'images et de fichiers pdf faisant partie de la suite ImageMagick.

Pour obtenir de l'information sur son utilisation:

display --help
Version: ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2015-07-23 Q16
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2011 ImageMagick Studio LLC
Features: OpenMP    

Usage: display [options ...] file [ [options ...] file ...]

Image Settings:
 -alpha option        on, activate, off, deactivate, set, opaque, copy
                      transparent, extract, background, or shape
 -antialias           remove pixel-aliasing
 -authenticate password
                      decipher image with this password
 -backdrop            display image centered on a backdrop
 -channel type        apply option to select image channels
 -colormap type       Shared or Private
 -colorspace type     alternate image colorspace
 -comment string      annotate image with comment
 -compress type       type of pixel compression when writing the image
 -define format:option
                      define one or more image format options
 -delay value         display the next image after pausing
 -density geometry    horizontal and vertical density of the image
 -depth value         image depth
 -display server      display image to this X server
 -dispose method      layer disposal method
 -dither method       apply error diffusion to image
 -endian type         endianness (MSB or LSB) of the image
 -filter type         use this filter when resizing an image
 -format string     output formatted image characteristics
 -geometry geometry   preferred size and location of the Image window
 -gravity type        horizontal and vertical backdrop placement
 -identify            identify the format and characteristics of the image
 -immutable           displayed image cannot be modified
 -interlace type      type of image interlacing scheme
 -interpolate method  pixel color interpolation method
 -label string        assign a label to an image
 -limit type value    pixel cache resource limit
 -loop iterations     loop images then exit
 -map type            display image using this Standard Colormap
 -monitor             monitor progress
 -page geometry       size and location of an image canvas
 -profile filename    add, delete, or apply an image profile
 -quality value       JPEG/MIFF/PNG compression level
 -quantize colorspace reduce colors in this colorspace
 -quiet               suppress all warning messages
 -regard-warnings     pay attention to warning messages
 -remote command      execute a command in an remote display process
 -repage geometry     size and location of an image canvas (operator)
 -respect-parentheses settings remain in effect until parenthesis boundary
 -sampling-factor geometry
                      horizontal and vertical sampling factor
 -seed value          seed a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers
 -set property value  set an image property
 -size geometry       width and height of image
 -texture filename    name of texture to tile onto the image background
 -transparent-color color
                      transparent color
 -treedepth value     color tree depth
 -update seconds      detect when image file is modified and redisplay
 -verbose             print detailed information about the image
 -visual type         display image using this visual type
 -virtual-pixel method
                      virtual pixel access method
 -window id           display image to background of this window
 -window-group id     exit program when this window id is destroyed
 -write filename      write image to a file
Image Operators:
 -auto-orient         automagically orient image
 -border geometry     surround image with a border of color
 -clip                clip along the first path from the 8BIM profile
 -clip-path id        clip along a named path from the 8BIM profile
 -colors value        preferred number of colors in the image
 -contrast            enhance or reduce the image contrast
 -crop geometry       preferred size and location of the cropped image
 -decipher filename   convert cipher pixels to plain pixels
 -deskew threshold    straighten an image
 -despeckle           reduce the speckles within an image
 -edge factor         apply a filter to detect edges in the image
 -enhance             apply a digital filter to enhance a noisy image
 -equalize            perform histogram equalization to an image
 -extract geometry    extract area from image
 -flip                flip image in the vertical direction
 -flop                flop image in the horizontal direction
 -frame geometry      surround image with an ornamental border
 -fuzz distance       colors within this distance are considered equal
 -gamma value         level of gamma correction
 -monochrome          transform image to black and white
 -negate              replace every pixel with its complementary color
 -normalize           transform image to span the full range of colors
 -raise value         lighten/darken image edges to create a 3-D effect
 -resample geometry   change the resolution of an image
 -resize geometry     resize the image
 -roll geometry       roll an image vertically or horizontally
 -rotate degrees      apply Paeth rotation to the image
 -sample geometry     scale image with pixel sampling
 -segment value       segment an image
 -sharpen geometry    sharpen the image
 -strip               strip image of all profiles and comments
 -threshold value     threshold the image
 -thumbnail geometry  create a thumbnail of the image
 -trim                trim image edges
Image Sequence Operators:
 -coalesce            merge a sequence of images
 -flatten             flatten a sequence of images
Miscellaneous Options:
 -debug events        display copious debugging information
 -help                print program options
 -list type           print a list of supported option arguments
 -log format          format of debugging information
 -version             print version information
In addition to those listed above, you can specify these standard X
resources as command line options:  -background, -bordercolor,
 -borderwidth, -font, -foreground, -iconGeometry, -iconic, -mattecolor,
 -name, -shared-memory, -usePixmap, or -title.

By default, the image format of `file' is determined by its magic
number.  To specify a particular image format, precede the filename
with an image format name and a colon (i.e. ps:image) or specify the
image type as the filename suffix (i.e.  Specify 'file' as
'-' for standard input or output.

 1    press to map or unmap the Command widget
 2    press and drag to magnify a region of an image
 3    press to load an image from a visual image directory

display est installé sur le nœud de connexion de la grappe mingan (